Farr Festival 2018 DJ Mix: Bruno Marafini

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Officially out my latest mix for Farr Festival 2018 !!

Farr Festival 2018

This mix i’ve recorded represents me at 100% and all my influences i’ve had in my career starting from my father and arriving at nowadays dj’s and producers all over the world !!

It contains a lot of different sounds that represents my career, starting from some deep house sounds, since i was a child i used to love them, with some emotional voices, going through some 80/90’s remixes arriving to something more tech with more bass and beat, some tech house mixed with something more acid, just to dig some more.

Well i’ve tried to explain at my best this mix, now what you have to do is just to click play and relax; you’ll feel in a bit that you have to move, or you want to move and dance, free yourself !!

Simply have a listen to it here:

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